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中央研究院 教育部 行政院主計處 等政府公信力文件 下載

Netpaw/Getpaw is the best!

There have been more than 32,000 students and employees

at I-Shou University taking NETPAW test,

who have helped save A4 size paper that is as high as 516 Taipei 101s.

You are more than welcome to join us for environment!

1. 教育部已納入本英檢做為技專院校獎補助的參考英檢 (台技(四)字第0950102723)
2. 本英檢已經行政院人事行政局審查,並准予納入
公務人員英語檢測陞任評分之測驗種類 (局力字第0950061032號函)
3. 中央研究院邀請本會規劃該院國際學生入學英檢 (學術字第0950192760號函)